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 REGIONAL PROFILE, Western Visayas 

Regional Facts and Figures 

Political Profile

Western Visayas Region also known as Region VI
Composed of six (6) provinces: Aklan, Antique, Capiz, Guimaras, Iloilo and Negros Occidental with 18 Congressional Districts, 16 cities, 117 municipalities and 4,650 barangays in the region.  Iloilo City is the Regional Center. 

Land Area

The Region total land area is 20,223.2 sq km (prior to NIR), which is approximately 6.7% of the total land area of the Philippines. (Negros Occidental has the biggest land area of 7,965.2 sq km comprising about 38.3% of the region’s land area).  


7,536,383 is the total population of Region 6 in 2015 census.


The prevailing climatic condition in the region is a combination of humid and moist although some areas, especially the upper half of Panay, experience the wet type of climate. Higher amounts of rainfall are experienced from June to November when there are more than 15 rainy days per month. Lesser amounts of rainfall and shorter number of rainy days are experienced during the remaining months. Hot months are experienced in March & April and cold months in Jan., Feb. & December.


Geographic Distribution of Banking Offices (March 2015) 

Daily Minimum Wage Rates 

Hospitals (Government Licensed Hospitals and Private Licensed Hospitals)

Regional Distribution of Banking Offices 

Strategic Location

Region 6 is located in Central Philippines and lies between two large bodies of water, namely: the Sibuyan Sea and the Visayan Sea.

Natural Endowment


 Animal Production 



Land Production

Palay and Corn 

Western Visayas is one of richest regions in the country in terms of natural resources. Its forests however have been denuded due to indiscriminate logging. Its waters abound with numerous species of fish and marine products. Mineral resources (metallic & non-metallic) include copper, gold, silver, white clay, red-burning clay, coal, semi-precious stones, cement raw materials, limestone for agricultural and industry uses, silica, rock phosphate and guano and construction materials like sand and gravel.It is a key fisheries development area, with its 84 coastal municipalities, eight major fishing grounds, and inland bodies of water and 43,050 hectares of fishponds. 


Electric Cooperative in the Region  

The power being supplied to Region VI are supplied by the Visayas Grid and augmented by diesel-run IPPs. Panay Island’s power requirement is supplied by the Panay Diesel Power Plant (PDPP 1) in Dingle, Power Barge 2 in Iloilo City, Power Barge 3 in Estancia, Iloilo and Trans-Asia in Guimaras. For Iloilo City and adjacent municipalities, power is supplied by the privately-owned Panay Power Corp. Plants (Global Bus. Power Corp.). Electric Cooperatives in the Region are: AKELCO (Aklan), ANTECO (Antique), CAPELCO (Capiz), GUIMELCO (Guimaras), ILECO I, II & III (Iloilo) & CENECO, NOCECO & VRESCO (for Neg. Occ.)

To address the power supply problem in the region, renewable energy such as solar, windmill, geothermal and hydroelectric power was harnessed. Currently, the 135-megawatt coal-fired power plant of the Palm Concepcion Power Corporation (PCPC) in Concepcion is already being installed. While San Carlos Solar Energy Inc., the country's first utility scale 22-megawatt solar power plant in Negros Occidental starts their commercial operations. In Guimaras, a windmill project has been inaugurated in the municipality of San Lorenzo. This will bring power sufficiency in the island province of Guimaras and the extra power will be supplied to Panay Island through submarine cable. Likewise, there are existing micro hydroelectric power plants operating with an installed capacity of 9 kilowatts with more micro hydroelectric power projects are coming up to provide more renewable energy in the region. 

Since 2008, the energization level is 100% at the municipal level and 99.3% at the barangay level.



Sea Transportation 

There are four ports where the roll-on, roll-off facilities are available. These are the Iloilo River Wharf, the Port of Dumangas, the Port of Jordan and the Port of Caticlan. With RORO facilities, goods can now be cheaply transported to Luzon via Batangas and also to Northern Mindanao. Transport of frozen fish and marine products to Manila can now be speedily transported. On Sea Transport, the shipping lines are: 2Go Group Inc., Trans-Asia Shipping, Cokaliong Shipping Lines, Montenegro Shipping Corp., Lorenzo Shipping Corp., Ocean Jet, and Weesam.


 Region VI Airports Location
 Evelio B. Javier Airport (Antique) San Jose de Buenavesta, Antique
 Bacolod-Silay Airport Silay City, Negros Occidental
 Godofredo P. Ramos Airport (Caticlan) Malay, aklan
 Iloilo Airport Brgy. Duyan-duyan, Cabatuan, Iloilo
 Kalibo  Kalibo, Aklan
 Roxas Roxas City, Capiz


 Investment Priority Area

The Priority Areas in Western Visayas with investment potentials are:

1) Offshoring and Outsourcing [given the adequate supply of power, telecommunications facilities, presence of colleges and universities, etc.]
2)Tourism including health & wellness [given the presence of hotel facilities, pension houses, spas & fitness gyms, private & public hospitals, historical & cultural heritage, malls & shopping centers, etc.]
3)  Agribusiness [given the vast tract of agricultural land, farm to market roads, post-harvest facilities, marine/aquatic resources, etc.]
4) Mining [given the rich mineral resources-metallic & non-metallic such as copper, gold, silver, white clay,  red-burning clay, semi-previous stones, coal, cement raw materials, limestone for agricultural and industry uses, silica, rock phosphate and guano and construction materials like sand and gravel]
5) Infrastructure Development Projects like Recreational Facilities/areas



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